Bored of writing front-end code?

Bored of writing front-end code?

Hey! Are you too lazy to design your website, make it responsive and look attractive? There is an easy way to avoid that so you can focus on writing only business logic code. Let’s say you have to create a website for an online flower shop. There is already a lot of work to do to create all the ordering process, so it might save a lot of time for you to have the front-end already ready.


This front-end work is known as a template because it can be used in multiple cases and the content is just random example data that you can change and adapt to your website.

Where do I get it?

To get a template you can simply go to a shop like the one below and choose one. The prices are pretty low compared to the amount of work you need to put to create one yourself.

Why should I buy?

I know.. I am a programmer too and I have the same feeling as you do. Why should I pay for something that I can do myself? The answer is: to save time and not only. If you are a beginner, you can actually learn a lot of tricks by just read the code others wrote to build the template. You also gather code that you can use in future projects by combining a few templates.

Fortunately, I can help you choose your first template. The website has a live preview of all templates which helps a lot! The things that you need to look when picking a template is the elements page. If it contains a lot of them, then you can be sure you can build whatever you want in the future. Don’t pick something that looks only pretty! The images in the template won’t be provided all the time and you will be disappointed after you buy it.

Elements to look for

Some basic elements to look for when buying a template are:

  • carousel
  • buttons
  • widgets
  • icons
  • callouts
  • price box
  • gallery
  • cards

Pick one and see you in the next tutorial to build your desired project!

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