The right tools to build a program

The right tools to build a program


The purpose of this article is to show you a few examples of why do you need an editor, how it works and which one you should pick. There are many differences between editors, some of them have syntax coloring, some of them are using compilers, some of them have a console and so on. Depending on the language you are planning to learn, you will use a different editor.

The most important criteria when choosing an editor is to know whether the programming language is scripting or compiled. The difference between the two is the way the computer is using that code. A compiled code generates bytecode that is executed directly in the processor. The interpreted languages code, however, must be translated at run-time from its format to CPU machine instructions. As you might guess now, yes, the compiled code can be faster than scripting ones, but nowadays it doesn’t really matter what language you use unless you plan to make the next Google.

Some good editors


Visual Studio Code Sublime Text 3 Brackets Atom


You can use any of the ones presented in Javascript section, but there are also a few that helps you more when using PHP with OOP programming. A few examples are: PhpStorm Netbeans Eclipse


To try Swift you need to use Xcode on a Mac OS system. For that, you can use a Macbook or create a virtual machine on any other machine.


PyCharm PyDev ( Plugin for Eclipse ) Komodo IDE


You can use any of the ones presented in Javascript section and in addition to that you can use Komodo IDE as well.

I won’t say too much about all of them because all of them do what they suppose to do. Just pick one that feels right for you and has the features you like.

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