Coding with robotics

Coding with robotics

Have you ever considered teaching your child how to play and code a tiny robot? Of course, this topic is not for very young children but it is also not very specific what is the minimum age as it can differ from kid to kid. If they enjoy techy toys and have patience enough not to throw it into a wall then it is safe to buy them a coding robot. Today I’m going to present 3 of the most interesting robots available today. All of them are very smart, but different and each one with its own interesting part.

Cozmo Robot

The first thing you’re going to notice about Cozmo is the fact that is very cute. It has a form of an excavator and its head has a small screen on which you can see his eyes and emotions. Emotions? YES! This robot has emotions, it will play with you and be happy if he beats you or get mad when he loses. It comes with 3 little cubes and with them, you can play different games with Cozmo. Cozmo can sing, fist bump, pounce, stack cubes. What if I leave Cozmo on a table? It’s safe! Cozmo will map where it can go, so will never fall off the table. If you leave him alone, it will start exploring and play with his cubes.


COJI is a coding robot which helps kids to build algorithms for a very young age with the help of an app. You can give commands to move around, set emojis for his face, it can sing and give you badges if you accomplish some tasks. This robot makes coding very fun, it will allow kids to add a sequence of commands from moving forward, play a song, turn around, show an emoji. The app gives a lot of freedom, but it also has some coding problems that the child needs to do.


Codeybot was designed by Makeblock and comes with an app similar to Coji robot. The app has a visual programming language similar to Scratch to teach the robot a series of commands and then see it in action. You have free mode playing where you can add random commands and make him talk just with a few swipes inside the app. If you have 2 Codeyrobots you can enter a battle mode where the best coder wins.

Why coding robots?

There are a few reasons why these little toys are very effective for kids. The most important one is that the child will understand the basics of coding, the way of sequencing multiple commands into a complete program which in this case is making the robot follow some rules.

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