Developing your child using building blocks

Developing your child using building blocks

Why building blocks are good?

Touching Physical, Social, Cognitive and Language development, building blocks is an endless possibility game in which your child can express their creativity and it can be considered even a learning tool.

Building blocks by ages

All kids enjoy playing with blocks, even some adults, but how these blocks help them? Well even for babies that the only use of blocks is to smash them on the ground is useful because they understand the texture, sound and makes them happy. Growing up, becoming a toddler, they understand more what blocks are and they start playing around with them, stack and align them in different ways. Here is the step when you can show them some tricks and help them understand how to replicate simple real-world objects.

As they grow more and grade school is close, they start to get bored of simple blocks, it’s pretty sure that they built everything they had in mind with them. This is the time for a change. They need more interesting building blocks. Here are some examples of LEGO:

These toys are good for developing a large number of skills. It’s a good social game when multiple kids share a bigger task of building an immersive project out of blocks. They communicate, collaborate and teamwork towards a common goal. It can give them a huge satisfaction when they’re done with it.

I can say that it increases their perception ability. They will be able to imagine and reproduce different shapes. They will get a sense of some basic physics learning to balance their construction not to fall.

There are some nice building blocks toys even for teenagers:

Don’t underestimate the power of building blocks! See you in the next article!

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