Is coding the right domain for your kid?

Is coding the right domain for your kid?

The right answer: Might be

Kids are amazingly smart! But they are born with different personalities and trying to make them do something they don’t like might not be the right choice. Try to learn what they like and help them achieve their dreams. It will help them more than pushing to do something just because you think is the right thing for them.

As you might think, maybe your kid is not made to be a tech guy and that is perfectly fine. But don’t be disappointed yet. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I will present you a few ways to identify a tech kid and how he acts differently than others. In the end, everyone can code or do different tasks on a pc, but having a few of these qualities will make the learning process easier.

Where to look

  1. First and the most obvious one is the passion for tech gadgets. A tech kid loves gadgets. Don’t be afraid if they try to ruin them by opening to see what is inside and how are they made. Some kids are born with a huge curiosity.

  2. Another one is the passion to build things. What things? It doesn’t matter! I can be a sand castle, a lego plane, a fortress made of pillows… Building stuff with his imagination is a good quality needed in this domain. But not only! To build a lego, they need to be patient and follow some instructions.

  3. The last but not least is to play games with them! Yes, you heard well. Playing a lot of childhood games with them not only will cheer them up but they will also gain some sense of rules. Try to make them respect the rules! There is no shortcut in life and certainly not in the tech world. Trying to play some games like puzzle and chess will increase their logic. Teach them the rules of the games and don’t let them win easily. If they see they are already the best, they will quit learning.

Some kids might have a few of these qualities and some might have them all. Continue to learn about your child and keep providing him with ways to improve himself.

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