The right age to start coding

The right age to start coding

Perfect timing

You can start learning about your kids as soon as they start moving around and playing with toys. You can see what kind of kids they are, what they like to do and what not. If they enjoy this domain, kids can start doing easy logic tasks before they know how to read or write. You can read more about this in my previous article. Link to previous article

Of course, they will not be able to write code, but they can play different games that will improve their logic and ability to use the computer. You might think now “Ok, but how should I know what to do depending on the age of the child?”. I will soon present a simple roadmap for that, but what you can do now is to start with small steps and always provide him with a choice.

There is no perfect timing to start! Kids can learn much faster when they are young. It is not too early or too late for learning anything. But the younger they are, the faster they learn.

Learning curve in life

Where to start?

To learn more about your child you need to communicate a lot with him, spend time trying to teach him different skills, provide him not only with fun toys but also with interesting toys that can stimulate their interest in this area. Show him how to use them and make everything fun.

Depending on the age, your kid might already be familiar with browser and phone/tablet apps. Here is the same! App stores are full of fun games, but if you search well, you will see that there are also games and apps that stimulate and teaches your kid different skills. Keep posted! I will share some of those interesting toys, apps and websites soon.

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