Why tech is important for kids?

Why tech is important for kids?


Hello everyone and welcome to mykidocoder.com. In the beginning of this journey I will present a few reasons why you and your children should be comfortable and confident using the computer.

Technology evolves

Technology is evolving at hyperspeed ! If you take a second to look back, the computer was invented in 1973. That is not so long ago… Since then, a series of inventions have changed the world completely. In 1981 the first form of internet was launched. Starting from 1989 online companies started to find place in online world with big names like AOL, eBay and Craigslist in 95’, Google and Yahoo and Paypal in 98’ and so on. Right now the big trends in changing the world are topics like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cryptocurrency, drones and so on. Technology is a huge domain right now, and it will continue to be so. A lot of money and time are invested in this area.

Great jobs

Nowdays the majority of jobs involve staying in an office and work on a computer. The difference in your wallet is about what activity are you doing on that computer. While some of them require some skills, most of them don’t. It’s important to know about all of them and guide your child to pick the one they like the most and they feel most interested in. Right now there are a lot of activities online that can bring money while staying on your couch.

Starting a business

Maybe you want your kids to be entrepreneurs. If you don’t have a ton of cash to give them a start, then they need to have some skills to start something and even if it’s something offline, like a barber shop, they still need to promote that online. Getting some skills not only will help them start their business, but it will also save money on paying someone else to do it for him.

Do you know that if you bought bitcoin 6 years ago of $5 it would worth $4.4 million? Knowing the big trends of the moment can open big opportunities for kids. All of these can be found by following some tech news websites and forums.


Being active online, your kids can collaborate with others on different projects. While some say that staying online decrease the social life, I feel that if it’s done right, it can improve it. Finding about events in town, keeping in touch with friends, playing games online, finding answers to their questions on forums, all these activities can help kids integrate in society.

Although the internet is an amazing place, it can be dangerous in a way for a child. Here you will find out how to make sure your kid is safe browsing and playing online. That of course, it depends on age type of activities they do online, but I will present this topic more in a future post so stay tunned.

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